Vietnam pics

Vung Tau at low tide looking at the electrical  generation ships.

Below decks in the ‘Family’ room. Ron Love, Mulvahill [Lurch], Germ, Crandall

Tools of the trade.

523rd Engineers company barracks.Bien Thuy-1970

Pineapple and Locati getting ready to get wet.

Madigan in Apocalypse Now and Then

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  1. Bob Altig says:

    Your picture of the boat anchored at Vung Tau brought back a funny memory. Christmas, 1968, a protestant Chaplain asked me to fly in a helo with him to hold a surprise Christmas service for some Green Berets in Vung Tao. Well the surprise element was where he went wrong. We got there and the guys having no idea he was coming had a bunch of local prostitutes in a bar and the guys were all three sheets to the wind. The Chaplain walks in on them unannounced. I started smiling when I saw the look on the Chaplain’s face. He said a quick Christmas prayer that lasted no more than 30 seconds and we got in the helo and flew back to Tay Ninh. I still wonder what the guys thought when they see a Chaplain “come to the party.”

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