Divers 2

Madigan, Love and ???

Carlisle playing some ‘Country Charlie Pride’ to Isaiah Taylor and ?? from a ‘Mike’ boat

Zero  [Madigan] hard at work.

Vung Tau from the lighthouse. The boat is just out of sight in the lower right corner.

Germ on a bad hair day.

Cho Gao canal intersecting the Mekong. We traveled the canal to get to Saigon missing the South China Sea.

Getting ‘short’ in country and bragging[ Mike boat crew member]. Carlisle playing and Spivey listening.

Tying up to the repair facility where the hydroplane was built.

Mail time. Ron Love upper and Germ on the lower bunk. I heard Ron committed suicide upon returning home to Texas. He got pretty messed up on China white in country.

Flower boat headed toward Saigon in the Cho Gao canal.

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