Shed Rehab

This shed is about 30 yrs old built about 6 inches out of level and sitting on rocks. The first project was to jack it up level and stabilize.

Raising a building on a slope is very dangerous due to gravity wanting to make the building run downhill. In leveling this building it moved down hill about 3 inches. With the building blocked up level I dug and formed a  footer.

Concrete poured with anchor bolts installed. Pressure treated 2×6 with a pony wall and OSB nailed to create a shear wall to keep the building stable.

A shed roof off the back. soon to be a garden tool shed. A new roof over the existing concrete slab. It replaced an old deteriorating roof. The rafter size was upgraded from 2×4 to 2×6.

The front gets a major face lift. The door was moved from the left side to the front .A new porch roof  and a facade to give  the building some character.

The treated posts are skinned in cedar. Hardi plank siding and SPF trim and ready for paint. Note the finished ceiling under porch roof.

New roof and painted.

Finished up with a little decorating .

So nice to have a warm dry place for projects

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  1. Kathryn Lininger says:

    Hello, Mike!
    I live on Corral Place just off of Peninsula. You dug me out of the snow several years back. Any way, I was wondering if you had time to do a “remodel” on a real “Hen house” I need a long shelf with nest boxes attached to the out side of the existing house, a sheet of plywood to extend a wall, and plastic and tin applied to the roof. I have some of the supplies, I even have a big saw…. But my arthritis is so bad and I shake, I am afraid to attempt any sawing, building or trying to clime a ladder and wrestle with sheets of tin.
    Can you give me a call or swing by, to view “the project”?
    Sincerely, Kathy Lininger

    12565 SW Corral Place
    (541) 815-2192

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