Rainbow 4

At the start of the day.

And at the end of the day. The windows were glued in and the interior pane was broken in each of the windows. One shattered taking it out. The framing had to be changed to accommodate the new sizes. Then the sheeting needed to be brought out to match the existing.

All of the old windows will be replaced. Now we can open the windows for ventilation.

Driveway enhancement. Lots and lots of loads of fill.

A new door installed, the sheeting cut away and covered with aluminum flashing.

Backfilled to almost level. This will be the hot tub, BBQ area.

Changing hats again it’s back to plumbing the waste water to the tub downstairs.

Continuing on removing the old rot and replacing with new wood. Then flashing and adding pressure treated lumber .

Ready to backfill and start the siding.





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