Rainbow House

We have decided to buy this property as a landing place for our golden years. It has been completely gutted by the previous owners, thanks Ben and Tracy. It is almost 6 acres of varying topography. It makes for a nice walk about.

The house was built in stages in the 80’s.

The two trees next to the house have to go. All the windows need to be replaced. Lots to do.

The well pump doesn’t work. The well house is a burner and the waterline was only buried to 8 inches. I dug it up to figure out where and how it was. I’ll have to pull the well and get a excavator/hammer to make some ditches for the water/electric lines. A new well house will be built maybe encompassing a shop.

The interior is rough. Just right for wall removal and major modifications.The stairs will be replaced with a new set that are user friendly.

One wall gone and a 4×12 installed for support.

Enjoying New Years Day 2013 with friends. Big fire, sunshine and lots of clothes made the day doable.

Another wall going away. I still need to remove the top of the wall to open the floor joists for the beam.

Beam installed and 2×4’s added to the joists to level the ceiling.

New stairs going in. They are 5 feet longer than the old set so will be lots better for climbing.

Developing a crawl space entrance under the new stairs. With a few alterations it will replace 4 existing crawl holes. When it’s finished this will second as a closet when not needed as a crawl hole.

The new stairs are in and functional. The old stairs are almost gone.

Last interior wall to be removed and replaced with a beam.

The wall is gone. Now back to building.

Well, almost back to building. Had to strip the subfloor on the lowest level and rake all the junk out from under. The floor had some rotten spots from water. It will be much easier to plumb the bathroom and bring the underground power in now.

Pulling the pipe and pump from the well. I have to find out why it doesn’t pump.

Cutting the trees down that are tight to the house. There was a wheel barrow load of fronds and dirt on the metal roof.

New front door installed.

Trees are almost gone, door installed and the first step is a long one.

Now that is pretty!

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