Man Caves/Hen Dens

One man's idea for fun

‘Man Cave’ can mean different things to different men. Some see it as a room in the home that fits their personality such as a pool room, a bar or maybe a video room. Other guys like a ‘Man Cave’ separated from the home, maybe coupled with a shop, garage or storage area. The Man Cave can be as simple or complex as the owners own personality. It gives the man a place to have recreation or solitude without disturbing the rest of the family if he desires.

Diane says we need to include the ‘Hen Den’ for the gals. Of course we can accommodate them also. It really is nice  to have a room set up for hobbies or fun that we can just walk away from and come back to without having to put things away between uses.

A personalized 'Man Cave'

Enjoying the new 'Man Cave' with friends.

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