Changing a tub to a shower

We started out by removing the vanity, toilet, mirror , door etc.

Next the sawzall went to work. One must be aware of what is behind the tub such as electrical and plumbing.  It’s advisable to wear a respirator, eye protection and gloves when cutting and handling the fiberglass tub pieces.

The tub is gone except the area around the controllers. With the water shut off I cut the supply lines and plugged them to finish the demolition.

The dry rot needs to be cut out and the drain line moved.

The drain has been moved to match up with the hole in the shower pan. The crawl space is too small to access so all work is done from topside.  New floor supports are in place and the sub floor is going down.

The 2 inch sub floor is installed.

The  half inch plywood brings the area up to the height of the rest of the floor. The plywood also makes a perfectly flat landing place for the pan.

Fits like a glove. The drain had a rubber boot that slid down on the drain to make a water proof seal. The pan is anchored at each stud.

The new controller and plumbing is in and pressure tested.

I used OSB [oriented strand board] to back the surround. It is similar in thickness to the drywall and will make a great surface to glue the surround to. Dry wall was used around the edges just inside the the boundary of the surround.

The acrylic surround going in. It is attached with a good quality construction adhesive. The shims between the pan and surround are used to level the surround and leave a gap to caulk with silicone caulking.

A completed surround.

The plumbing is trimmed out and the sliding glass doors are in. This surround and door package is extra tall. At 6’4″ I am able to walk in without ducking.   SWEET!

So to finish we added a new toilet, vanity and vinyl floor plus a new paint job. All in all the little lady was tickled. Now it’s just too nice to use.

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