Building a Christmas Float

Starting out with a 3 point implement to be able to carry the sleigh.

Next we built a steel runner frame work .

On the steel we constructed a plywood deck.

Some R&D on sleigh design.

Building up with sides and stern of plywood and internal 2×4 framework.

A bench seat for the jolly old elf himself being fastened by one of his helpers.

The carnage outside Santa’s workshop ..aka “The Acme Motor and Carriage [Sleigh]Works”.

A little splash of color. Notice Santa’s armrests.

Looking good.


The first light of day for the ACME project.

ACME’s CEO taking the first test run

Inspector Clueso at your service. From the look maybe we are not done.

Tractor flocked and sleigh decorated and loaded with presents. Beautiful shirtsleeve day.

Next day! Parade day, sleet, snow and cold. Wonderful Christmas Parade day

Score for the ACME Social club.

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