Custom Homes / Dream Homes

A custom home we built on the 'Ranch'

A ‘Dream Home’ is a once in a lifetime opportunity to design your surroundings to fit YOU. In our sunny environment a great deal of attention needs to be paid to what the sun will do to your living area throughout the year. Many homes are very picturesque driving by but don’t function well for the owner. The great view with large windows is great to look at but can become a real problem in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.  I feel that it is better to design your home for the particular site you chose so that all elements work together. Also there are many energy considerations and opportunities available for heating and cooling with good planning. We can recommend a planner to you or will be glad to work with yours.

A nice big open family area.

The back yard.

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  1. David Ebner says:

    Hey, Michael.
    My wife Donna and I are both retired federal employees. We live on a fixed income. The way we can make construction financing work is because we have down payment money from a second Crooked RR lot we owned and just sold. That, plus the equity from the house we live in now will lower the loan amount to a monthly payment we can afford without eating canned beans for dinner the rest of our lives.
    We’ve gotten a couple of bids that are wildly different and astronomically high. I think those companies looked at the square footage and the three car garage and said to themselves: these guys must have money. Then they bid not according to their costs but by inflated figures to see how much they could get out of us. That’s not bidding, that’s bullshitting. And we’re disappointed in those companies. We feel like they’re not really after our business.
    We went to Hi-Line and Adair early on but just couldn’t make their floor plans fit with what we want. Since this is our retirement “dream home” we feel like we could step up a little from those two cookie cutter builders. So we went and had plans drawn up. We own the lot. Well, us and the bank.
    So we’re looking for a builder who can fit with us in-between the cookie cutters and the high end custom builders. I hope this information might help you when formulating your bid. Our plans are by Banton Engineering and are on the COBA website. The address is 11900 NW Dove Rd., CRR, OR 97760. It’s not far from your place. We stayed at the Gross’ “cabin” last week and they raved about you and your company. So here we are asking for a bid.


    David and Donna Ebner

  2. admin says:

    you can call me at 541-604-4305 to discus your situation

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