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Welcome!  We are a small company with a wide range of knowledge and experience. We have a long list of satisfied customers, most of whom we now call friends. We do ‘turn key’ [bare ground to project completion] construction or any part of a job.

I  have built Oregon custom homes, barns, huge arenas, ‘man caves’ and  have done all kinds of remodels. I have  also constructed many miles of logging roads and driveways in all types of terrain.   As such, I can help design and build meaningful roads and homesites for your particular desires and location.

My wife, Diane, is my consultant for the finish and color aspects of a job. She has a talent for continuity and decor in a project. She is also an accomplished tile setter.

We are located at beautiful Crooked River Ranch which is just to the north of Bend and Redmond. Come out and enjoy the scenic splendor and the wonderful golf course.

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  1. Mike Folkestad says:


    Two things:

    During significant snow events we would like to set up a schedule with you to plow our driveway and short road (Summit View Pl). You plowed it for us once last year.

    Do you do any road work? Our road is an easement road and needs some help. This would also include our driveway. If you could give us an estimate or point us towards somebody that could do this we would appreciate it.


    Mike Folkestad
    13663 SW Summit View Pl

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mike I don’t check this very often. I will be available for plowing if needed. I don’t have a schedule but you can always call me at 541-604-4305. We do lots of road maintenance so can help there also.

  3. David Roach says:

    Michael Taylor – hello my friend from Australia. I have only now, after 48 years, finally tracked down information I have been searching for ever since I got a hold of this computer technology. My name is ‘Roachie’ and we went on trips with you, Zero, Pineapple, ‘T’, ‘Colonel and so on. Would be great hearing from you – our ranks are thinning out mate.

  4. admin says:

    /Users/michaelrtaylor/Desktop/PICT0019-4.jpg/Users/michaelrtaylor/Desktop/PICT0020-4.jpg not sure how this ll works.

  5. admin says:

    I just sent all my pictures to the US Army museum on a smart stick. They will return them. I will look on my old computers.

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